This is a novelty on the market, but definitely deserves attention because the effects are incredible. An interesting formula of this supplement helps enhance performance (i.e. gain muscle mass and build strength) in a way comparable to illegal doping substances such as testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone). Why have I compared this supplement to testosterone and HGH? Because your body gets the substances that increase your level of testosterone and growth hormone; however, there are no negative side effects. As faster muscle recovery allows you to work out harder and more often as in anabolic steroid cycle, some call this product ‘legal steroids’. Somatodrol, a supplement which facilitates muscle gain and accelerates body regeneration after workout, has passed all the tests and the number of satisfied users thereof is increasing day by day. I am giving the highest mark to Somatodrol.

The effects of Somatodrol:

2. GH Balance

GH Balance contains GHFactor-7, a natural proprietary blend based on male growth hormone. I have found its composition very interesting and asked my friend to try a four-week cycle with GH Balance. After two weeks, his muscle mass increased by three kilograms, and the muscle definition improved. After four weeks, the muscle mass increased by five kilograms, and the abdominal fat disappeared. I think that the results are satisfactory. Anyone who is looking for a rapid fat loss and extremely rapid muscle gain at the same time, should try GH Balance.

The effects of GH Balance:

3. Probolan 50

This supplement is recommended for people who want to burn fat and gain muscle mass simultaneously. The formula of Probolan 50 helps turn fat into muscle. This supplement is by all means legal and safe, and the key to the surprising results it gives is Epihydroxetiolan-17-ester matrix. If you care for an athletic build and excellent muscle definition, you need to try Probolan 50. Many people are satisfied with this supplement as it guarantees rapid fat loss without losing muscle mass. The effects are noticeable from week to week. This supplement is undeniably noteworthy.

The effects of Probolan 50: